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Jul 27
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HELP -- The Basics

The basics to get you started.


To create a stand-alone challenge:

  • Hover over the CREATE menu item in the upper right of your site; select Add a Challenge.



  •  In Create Challenge form, give your challenge a short title; choose up to 3 genres; provide a short summary of the action you want the student to take. 


  • Click ADD MEDIA to add an audio, embed media or add image or images (use Advanced Upload to drag and drop multiple images to create a slideshow).



  • In “Body”, provide details of your challenge, including action steps, links to resources and exemplars. You can add media within the body of the challenge if you wish by clicking the small photo icon in the editing tool bar. Scroll down and Save.


  • If you choose a Date, it will automatically post the challenge in the Calendar. If you choose “Live” status, the challenge will automatically be put in the Challenges sort in the main menu.


  • If you wish to include a downloadable file with your challenge, you can upload it to the Download field for your students to download to their computers.


  • To post, students click RESPOND at the bottom of your challenge. Their content will automatically be linked and visible below the challenge or in the "Challenge responses" tab.


  • To create a challenge for a workshop: FIRST, create the workshop.  Click the “Create Challenge button” at the bottom of the saved workshop; 

  • NOTES: Make sure to give the challenge a summary; the challenge will automatically appear with the workshop; each challenge will appear in the order it was created. (To change order, change the time/date of the challenge’s creation by editing the challenge.)
    • Students should click VIEW to see the full challenge. Their content will automatically be visible below the challenge or in the "Challenge responses" tab.




  • NOTE: Be patient. Sometimes it takes a while for the Node Export view to load. 


  • Go to your site, log in, and under CREATE menu, you’ll see Import Challenge/Resource. Click that and you’ll see this: 


  • Paste or upload the file.



  • You will see a link at the top when the process is completed; click it to make sure the challenge came in correctly; edit to make changes OR to assign to a workshop you’ve created by choosing the appropriate workshop in the Workshop field.